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【Specifications C191】2 million pixels 1 / 2.8 CMOS intelligent face recognition camera

Product features:

Professional intelligence function

·Embedded intelligent deep learning face algorithm can extract target features and form deep learning face image;

·Support the function of face capture, support the detection, tracking, capture, scoring, screening of moving face, and output the optimal face capture;

·Support a variety of face capture modes: fast, interval, after leaving (including: distance optimization, quality optimization) and other face capture modes, and the number of capture can be set;

·It supports face region recognition, region shielding, face ID statistics and multiple face parameter settings;

·Support up to 32 face detection per frame; ·Support face detection between 30 * 30-500 * 500 pixels;

·Support the uploading of face image and original image, and the coding quality of face image can be adjusted;

·It supports intelligent face exposure mode, with a wide dynamic range of 80dB. Under strong backlight, the face is still visible;

·There are two modes to set for face capturing scene: backlight scene and normal scene;

·Built in high efficiency infrared array lamp, low power consumption, with ICR infrared filter, automatic switching color / black mode, to achieve day and night continuous capture of human face;

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