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【Specifications C3】Portable EU green health QR code scanner smart Mobile handheld device

Application Scenarios

Widely used in office buildings, communities, factory parks, construction sites, hospitals, subway stations and many other areas

Product Features

4G all-network LTE, communication without dead space

IP54 industrial protection class

New generation of 4-core 2GHz processor to meet the 5-year life cycle, new generation of Android 9

Ultra-low power consumption, 2.5 hours of fast charging, 10 hours of ultra-long working time, 23 days of standby

Excellent RFID reading performance and receiver sensitivity for high reading accuracy and ultra-long-range tag reading

Product Advantages.

1、Successful docking of multiple local codes.

2、Enter the name ID verification health code.

3、Access record export, perfect solution to the problem of access registration in public places.

4、Equipment integrated portable, to meet the needs of a variety of places to use.

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