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How to transform AI face temperature measurement and attendance all-in-one machine

Release Time: 2021-12-09

Attendance machines are generally installed in underground garages of governments, enterprises and institutions, and parks. Traditional Time attendance machines only have the functions of attendance fingerprints and swipe cards, and cannot achieve non-contact "face swipe" punch cards, nor can they automatically measure body temperature. N sets of AI face temperature measurement and attendance all-in-one machines are deployed (N is determined according to the number of elevators). Before entering the elevator, employees who drive to and from get off work every day use “swiping their faces” instead of fingerprints and swiping cards to achieve “precise temperature measurement + smart attendance” ". If there is an access control and elevator control system, it will be linked to the AI face temperature measurement and attendance all-in-one machine, and only employees with normal body temperature are allowed to take the elevator. It is convenient and quick to replace the original equipment, as long as it is connected to the original LAN.

Non-sensing temperature: temperature test can be performed on personnel passing through the personnel passage, temperature accuracy: ±0.5℃, temperature measurement range: 30~45℃.

Health code verification: It can be verified by swiping the face, health code, ID card, and social security card to achieve four-in-one verification of person, certificate, code, and temperature in one second.

Body temperature data result statistics: The temperature measurement component detects the temperature. The face component UI displays the body temperature information, and the identity information and body temperature data of the passers-by are uniformly uploaded to the platform software by the face component.

How to transform AI face temperature measurement and attendance all-in-one machine

Access control: through the face component management menu to configure the temperature detection threshold and whether to open the door for abnormal body temperature; through the face component to realize the access control and temperature detection of personnel, and output the I/O switch value to control the gate opening; Real-time body temperature detection, UI prompts and voice alarms on face components for abnormal body temperature detection.

Authentication method expansion: Optional social security card reader and face component to realize swiping social security card to verify health code + temperature measurement function. Abnormal voice alarm: real-time detection of the body temperature of passers-by, UI prompts and voice alarms on the face component of the detected abnormal body temperature.

Data management: The identity information and body temperature data of passers-by can be uniformly uploaded from the face component to the client or platform software. At the same time, it supports the reporting of abnormal body temperature alarm events to the management platform software.

Intelligent methods are a weapon for epidemic prevention and control in grassroots units. We can see that new intelligent technologies have penetrated into all aspects of epidemic prevention and control. The automatic intelligent temperature measurement and screening system adopts thermal imaging temperature measurement, biometrics, AI, Modern scientific and technological means such as big data and video intelligent analysis realize human body temperature detection through "non-contact" methods, rapid screening of suspected patients, abnormal body temperature warning and data analysis, and at the same time realize rapid personnel passing, control crowd gathering, and prevent cross-infection. Refined and humanized management, wisely and effectively fight the epidemic, ensure the safety and health of employees and the masses, and achieve both epidemic prevention and control and enterprise production.


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