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AI verifies health code, JAEMONT stands out among many face recognition manufacturers?

Release Time: 2022-01-14

At a time when the global epidemic continues and the domestic epidemic spreads, health code equipment has become an essential verification tool for people to enter and exit. Because of its non-contact, intelligent verification, efficient and convenient features, health code recognition equipment is favored by many epidemic prevention units, and is widely deployed in hospitals, stations, banks, government agencies and other key units for epidemic prevention access control, passage, attendance and other scenarios.

As a blue ocean of new epidemic prevention tools, many manufacturers have joined the health code identification equipment market. As the first batch of enterprises to lay out the health code application market, JAEMONT's GK728 series health code recognition equipment is popular in the market, mainly due to the excellent performance of the GK728 health code recognition equipment, with stable system, fast traffic speed, plug and play, Excellent features such as data security and accuracy.

AI verifies health code, JAEMONT stands out among many face recognition manufacturers?

JAEMONT is bold and innovative. Based on the Face recognition thermometer, it connects with the national government service platform and the big data centers in various provinces, and realizes Health code verification, self-registration, witness comparison, non-contact temperature measurement, and mask recognition. Significantly improves the efficiency of bright code traffic and the security of data governance.

Connecting with the domestic health code is just a small step for JAEMONT. In response to the international epidemic, JAEMONT has also connected the EU version of the health code, which is also the first high-tech enterprise in China to connect with the international version of the health code. In the next step, JAEMONT will connect more international health codes for various markets around the world, and contribute Chinese power to the global economic recovery.

JAEMONT's health code recognition equipment can take into account both epidemic prevention and control and user information security, which is in line with the increasingly strict data security supervision environment this year. This is also an important reason why JAEMONT's health code recognition equipment can stand out among many manufacturers.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, JAEMONT has responded quickly, empowering epidemic prevention and control with face recognition technology, and demonstrating corporate social responsibility. JAEMONT launched a variety of intelligent anti-epidemic products and solutions, such as face recognition thermometers and health code self-checking systems, which have been implemented in many cities and have been deployed in Shenzhen North Railway Station, Shenzhen Yantian Port, Shenzhen Transportation Bureau, Shenzhen Entry-Exit Frontier Defense Station, Everbright Bank, Zhengzhou Railway Station, Chongqing North Railway Station, Lu'an Railway Station, Shandong First People's Hospital and other places are used for joint prevention and control of the epidemic.

For a long time, JAEMONT has been working hard in the field of face recognition, focusing on the commercial implementation of face recognition all-in-one. A variety of products and solutions have been implemented in all walks of life, such as those deployed in enterprises, institutions, schools, and governments. Face recognition visitor machine, personal identification verification equipment, Face recognition temperature measurement access control machine, health code face temperature measurement machine, face recognition access control machine, face recognition attendance machine, etc., these all reflect JAEMONT's role in the field of face recognition focus and innovation.


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