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Applicable scenarios for temperature measurement and identity verification + health code verification

Release Time: 2021-12-15

The health code face recognition and temperature measurement all-in-one machine adopts infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement + health code to implement the retrieval program, and conducts the investigation of key personnel at high risk of new coronary pneumonia through real-time inspection of body temperature and health code.

The health code infrared temperature measurement equipment adopts an 8-inch LCD touch screen with a screen resolution of 800*1280, achieving higher image quality;

The health code recognition equipment also uses a 2 million wide dynamic camera, supplemented by a non-contact body temperature monitoring module, and the distance between facial recognition and temperature detection is 0.5-1.5m, which is suitable for the height range of 1.2-2.0m;

The health code inspection equipment supports the working mode of "identity verification + facial temperature measurement + health code inspection", that is, body temperature monitoring and health code retrieval are performed after verifying the identity of the personnel. This mode is suitable for the passage of personnel during the special period of epidemic management and control; the equipment also supports The "quick temperature measurement" working mode, that is, direct facial temperature detection without authentication, this mode is suitable for the passage of large numbers of people in the daily epidemic management and control.


Both working modes can complete the detection within a few seconds, display the results on the screen, and output real-time voice alarms for abnormal results, which satisfies the needs of rapid deployment of high-density people at the entrance and exit of the community, without contact, and precise investigation.

The Health code verification all-in-one device uses a high-sensitivity vanadium oxide unrefrigerated detector to detect the heat radiation emitted by surrounding objects in real time. When a person performs identity verification, it can perform accurate temperature detection of the human body's facial area, quickly find persons with abnormal body temperature, and effectively improve the crowd Traffic efficiency avoids gathering of people.

After the firmware is updated and upgraded, the device will detect the person's mask wearing condition while measuring the temperature and checking the health code, and the detection can be completed within a few seconds. In case of abnormal conditions (excessive body temperature, red health code, not wearing a mask, etc.), the device will alert the on-site epidemic prevention management personnel through an audible alarm to prevent high-risk key personnel from entering the community due to human negligence.

Jieyi Technology's health code verification integrated machine is based on scientific and technological innovation and is oriented to scene requirements, which greatly improves the efficiency of detection and prevention and control, and truly meets the needs of epidemic prevention and control in high-density and high-traffic scenarios such as entrances and exits of residential communities.


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