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What should pay attention while using Face Recognition Temperature Measurement Access Control system?

Release Time: 2020-10-09

Facial recognition can address the disadvantages of the traditional attendance or sign-in methods of unit employees, such as inefficiency and not easy to count. The factory’s Face recognition temperature measurement access control management software can use face recognition technology to perform employee identity authentication and real-name registration. It can not only meet the daily needs of more accurate statistics of personnel entry and exit, but also meet the needs of employee health testing in special periods, and it can also improve the company's brand image, thereby achieving the construction of smart office and achieving smart management of factories and enterprises The real purpose.

What problems should be paid attention to when using face recognition temperature measurement access control?

So, what issues should be paid attention to during the use of the Infrared Thermometer for human body?

1. The temperature accuracy of the test is related to the ambient temperature, avoid outdoor use

2. The temperature measurement module uses an external module to prevent the temperature of the device itself from interfering with the accuracy.

3. The temperature measurement access control does not need to cooperate with the black body infrared thermal radiation calibrator to improve the accuracy, because the algorithm has been optimized for the emissivity of the human body surface.

4. The closer the distance to the temperature measuring face meter, the higher the accuracy of the test.

5. Face recognition temperature measurement access control found an error of 36-38 degrees Celsius in the test: plus or minus 0.2 degrees Celsius. At 38-40 degrees Celsius, the accuracy is obtained after sampling data samples in an 18 degrees Celsius environment at a distance of 30 cm from the device.

6. Dirt, occlusion, and broken will cause the test accuracy to decrease and fail, but it does not affect face recognition.

What are the characteristics of face recognition temperature measurement access control?

1. Face recognition temperature measurement access control with face recognition function. The face recognition temperature measuring machine has a built-in database, which can complete the local real-time comparison of the captured faces, generate a log of the comparison results, and upload the back-end database.

2. Face recognition and body temperature detection, the face recognition temperature measuring device has a built-in body temperature monitoring module, which can simultaneously monitor the body temperature and obtain body temperature related data during face recognition.

3. Face recognition temperature measurement access control machine has access control function. The face recognition access control device controls the access control switch based on the face recognition result to realize the personnel management of the control area.

Shenzhen Jieyi Technology's temperature measurement face recognition access control can be used for access control + epidemic prevention solutions in scenarios such as enterprises, units, hotels, and office buildings. Not only can it effectively detect and prevent potential hidden dangers of the epidemic, it can also provide intelligent visitor management, personnel attendance, regional face recognition and control, black and white list recognition and other functions, and intelligently assist the management of office scenes.

At present, the Jieyi face recognition and temperature measurement integrated machine has been used in office buildings, factories, enterprise parks, institutions, campuses, etc. As enterprises resume work and schools open, smart Face recognition thermometers will be used in more The occasion plays an important role.


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