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Big Screen Dynamic Temperature Checking Terminal Improve Public Place Detection Efficiency

Release Time: 2021-02-20

In the context of Covid, temperature checking has become a necessary and important part of public places which has push the innovation of temperature check kiosk. The new temperature checking kiosk with a large screen brings a new convenience for temperature measurement.

Big Screen Dynamic Temperature Checking Terminal Improve Public Place Detection Efficiency

Nowadays, worldwide countries are requiring personnel to conduct temperature checking at every public place and adopt precautionary measures in response to the ongoing novel coronavirus.

Public places, heavy human traffic, and public gathering places are extremely easy to welcome and contact virus carriers unconsciously. That means identify personnel identification and check their body temperature at the entrance are essential, which is also conducive to protect more people’s lives and health.

However, there are some problems that exist in the current single-person temperature checking terminal, including low efficiency, long queue, close contact, insecurity, and so on, which fail to satisfy accurate, efficient, and safe temperature monitoring demand.

In a bid to assist public places to do well in multi-person temperature checking, Shenzhen Jieyi Technology launched big screen dynamic temperature checking terminal C196.

Supported by four cutting-edge technologies, including face recognition technology+ mask detection technology+ thermography technology +liveness detection technology, Shenzhen Jieyi Technology dynamic temperature checking terminal C196 can one-stop achieve face recognition dynamic temperature monitoring, mask detection, local language voice broadcast, high-temperature alarm, and so on applications.

In virtue of the HDMI link screens, 3-4 multi-person temperature can be detected at the same time within ±0.3℃ accuracy. Once a high temperature is detected, the system will automatically activate the alarm and mark the personnel label on the screen, people with fever can be seen clearly and immediately.

As an all-in-one temperature checking solution can be provided, personnel temperature data will be uploaded to the platform synchronously, which can facilitate data tracing and timely find the suspected person and close contact person.

It is suitable for human witness comparison, visitor registration, temperature monitoring and other scenarios.


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