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Body temperature detection and scanners are not only needed for epidemic prevention and control

Release Time: 2021-01-14

Access control is very important as a "certifier" to determine the identity of users. Currently, there are two ways of community access control systems for identity verification on the market. The first is item verification, which is to verify the keys, certificates, passwords, etc. held by the user; the second is biometric verification, which means using Certain unique features on the body, such as iris, fingerprints, and faces, are used to identify users.

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Each identity verification method plays an important role in different periods, but with the development of society, technological innovation, especially in the face of the era of raging global epidemics, the previous perfect products cannot meet the current needs. Drawbacks will begin to appear in many aspects such as safety, reliability, and convenience. The advantages of the item verification method are practical and convenient, but at the same time there are problems such as lost key documents, forgotten passwords, easy forgery, and easy cracking. For biometric verification, it has extremely high accuracy and uniqueness and stability. Problems such as recognition accuracy may also occur.

Among the biometric technology, face recognition technology has its own unique advantages compared to several other biometric technologies, such as human face. The face recognition access control system does not require high-end precision instruments during use, and does not require contact when acquiring information, which makes the operation of the system easier and the user interaction better.

1. Non-contact, avoid cross infection

The collection of facial image information is different from the collection of fingerprint information. It is not hygienic and easy to arouse the user’s disgust if you have to touch the collection device with your finger. However, the user does not need to directly contact the device to avoid the face image collection. Cross-infection of the new coronavirus during the epidemic.

2. Higher accuracy rate without any sense of ritual

Clock in when you pass by, zero sense of ceremony, and attendance efficiency increased by more than 10 times. Shenzhen Jieyi Technology's facial feature algorithm recognizes, rejects fraud and exports attendance statistics reports with one click, which is accurate and efficient.

3. Good scalability

Shenzhen Jieyi Technology's face recognition access control system can also be used in various fields such as access control, face image search, card swiping on and off work, and community blacklist recognition.

Therefore, the face recognition access control system is required for global epidemic prevention and control. It is the perfect access control product of the current era. It is the terminator of entrance and exit access control for communities, offices, construction sites, and factories in the future.


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