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EUDCC QR Code Scanner Access Control Smart Pass System Temperature Measurement

Release Time: 2021-09-28

Currently as Delta is more and more serious all all the world, we added QR code scanner onto our 8" smart pass digital temperature measurement thermoscanner, price is much cheaper than year 2020, but with more functions.

EUDCC QR Code Scanner Access Control Smart Pass System Temperature Measurement

8” Face Recognition Solution for the "EU Digital COVID Certificate" temperature recognition, and simultaneously completed the "EU Health Code" identification + body temperature detection + face mask recognition

To better prevent and control COVID-19 and promote population flow and economic recovery, the EU certificate (EUDCC, known as a European vaccine passport) allows EU citizens to flow between countries. It is released to users in a QR code, including three certificates: Vaccination with EU approved vaccine,Negative certificate of nucleic acid test, Certificate of rehabilitation after infection with pneumonia.

EUDCC QR Code Scanner Access Control Smart Pass System Temperature Measurement

The holders of the EU Health Code are free to enter and leave the EU countries that recognize the certificate by all 27 member States of the EU as well as other European countries such as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

Genevision first focused on the traffic demand of the "EU version of the health code", and introduced a temperature measurement face recognition traffic management solution that can identify the "EU Digital Covid-19 Certificate".

The scheme adopts high-performance hardware configuration, with high accurate face recognition algorithm, support based on infrared thermal imaging technology contactless rapid temperature scanning, support the identification of EU Covid-19 digital QR code, built-in double channel speaker, voice broadcast, voice reminder, reduce the risk of close contact infection, supporting perfect background management system, help Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control, realize personnel safe and efficient access control.

"EU Covid-19 digital certificate" QR code verification

The scheme supports the identification of QR code of "EU COVID-19 Digital Certificate", equipment identification and read QR code information, display information on the screen, including basic information and epidemic prevention information. The relevant information will only be temporarily checked and not saved to the local area.

EUDCC QR Code Scanner Access Control Smart Pass System Temperature Measurement

It supports dozens of languages including Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Italian, Polish, German, Russian, Thai, French, Arabic, Vietnamese, Czech, Romanian, Japanese, Kazakh, Hebrew, Chinese, Slovakia, Dutch, Turkish, Lithuanian, Greek, Portuguese [Portuguese], Portuguese [Brazil], Ukrainian, Spanish, Indonesian, Korean, Croatian, covering customer needs in the European Union.

EUDCC QR Code Scanner Access Control Smart Pass System Temperature Measurement

It supports non-contact accurate rapid temperature Screening based on infrared thermal imaging technology, optimal temperature detection distance is 0.5 meters and the farthest 1 meter, temperature measurement accuracy ≤ ± 0.5℃, supports automatic alarm of abnormal body temperature and second detection speed.

Support for the 5W face library. 1:1 Identification ratio is above 99.7%, 1: N ratio is 96.7% above @0.1% error recognition rate, and the accuracy of live life detection is 98.3%@1%. Face recognition passes speed less than 1 second. It can effectively detect and judge whether visitors wear masks or not, give voice warning and alarm to people who do not wear masks, and support the accurate identification and comparison of face when wearing a mask.

According to the needs of different use scenarios, the privacy protection is deeply optimized:

1), client personnel can be set to display customized pictures;

2), can independently set stranger record retention time, support automatic deletion of stranger records;

3), support stranger mode, that is, only measure the temperature after identifying strangers without record traffic records;

EUDCC QR Code Scanner Access Control Smart Pass System Temperature Measurement

It adopts industrial all-aluminum alloy CNC shell, dozens of process manufacturing procedures, efficient heat conduction, fanless design, IPS full perspective LCD HD display, industrial wide dynamic binocular camera, built-in dynamic dual-camera live identification and anti-counterfeiting, night infrared and LED double complement.  high performance, low power consumption and 7 * 24 hours.

Application scenario

Public transport scenes like the airport / station / subway

Office building / park / factory / hospital scenarios, etc

Hotels / Enterprise scenarios etc

Campus scene


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