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Experience the facial recognition system developed by JAEMONT AI engineer

Release Time: 2022-05-09

We almost use face recognition technology every day on smartphones to unlock, convenient and save a lot of time. However, in life, this technology must not be applied in many other places. Recently, I had the opportunity to go to JAEMONT to experience the facial recognition access control system for thousands of employees here.

In general, the facial recognition system is still being perfected by the engineers at JAEMONT AI every day because it is operated by machine learning that improves every day. I found this system to solve 3 problems: check-in and check-in for many employees quickly and accurately, no need to remove masks, and anti-counterfeiting methods.

In addition to experiencing it myself, I also chatted more with Mr. Weber, who is currently the engineer developing this facial recognition system of JAEMONT AI. Please watch everyone.

What's different about JAEMONT AI's facial recognition system?

This product was developed and put into use by the JAEMONT AI team in 2019. At the beginning of 2020, the facial recognition access control software began to recognize through the mask layer, this feature was developed due to the need for translation. sick, everyone wears a mask to ensure safety.

Unlike face security on a phone, the system will only recognize the face of the owner of the phone. JAMONT AI's facial recognition system is currently solving the problem of identifying many - thousands of employee faces at Office.

With the ability to recognize a large number of different faces of employees in the company, if employees are not wearing masks, this technology will identify based on all facial features. If the employee wears a mask, the face recognition access control system will focus on identifying the eyes, forehead, etc., which are the facial details of the upper part of the user. So even when wearing a mask, this system will still perform accurate identification.

As I personally observe, at JAEMONT, in addition to Vietnamese, there are also multi-national employees with different characteristics from Asians. They are still using this system normally. However, according to his discussion with Mr. Weber - the engineer who developed this system, he shared that this technology focuses more on details on Vietnamese faces, so it will be somewhat superior. better when recognizing Vietnamese faces compared to other technologies.

JAEMONT AI's facial recognition system can be integrated into a variety of devices, ranging from high to low value such as tablets, phones..., optimizing costs for businesses. At the same time, it is easy to install into different door opening systems such as glass doors and shutters (flag barrier), without changing adjustments.

Experience the facial recognition system developed by JAEMONT AI engineer


In terms of recognition speed, I find the system to recognize quickly and accurately, with few errors. Usage is also simple, employees just need to walk across, put their face into the device's camera. The screen will show whether the identification is successful or not and then the greeting + the employee's name.

After trying many times to go in and out, I found that the system correctly recognized my name.

Fast recognition, only a few seconds and especially fast recognition speed is still equivalent even on different types of devices such as tablets, monitors or even a low-cost phone.

Up to the day I experienced the system, there was still no error when identifying me, or wrong name, quick response...

With the current facial recognition technology at JAEMONT, it has helped employees and businesses to solve the following problems:

- If I were an employee here, I wouldn't have to bother opening my backpack to get a card like I always do, drivers wearing gloves don't have to take it off to scan fingerprints.

- This method is convenient and safe in points: no touch such as fingerprint check-in, no need to carry a card and no need to remove the mask.

-No need to take off the mask at a crowded check-in place

Product strengths compared to popular check-in methods:

- Machine learning recognition improves every day

- Responsiveness

- Do not touch

- Do not take off the mask

- Compatible with a variety of devices, including low-cost phones

In addition, if there are fake methods such as: using images and videos of the faces of employees working at JAEMONT, the system will not recognize them. Immediately after, the system also sends fake reports to the operating team in the back to promptly prevent illegal entry.

In short, in the future, if this technology is applied in companies, it will help you check in easier and more convenient.


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