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Face recognition attendance machine quotation to JAEMONT high quality and low price

Release Time: 2022-03-21

I am purchasing a face recognition attendance machine, but do not know the price of the face recognition attendance machine? There is nothing wrong with looking for JAEMONT. The high-tech enterprise has passed ISO quality certification, national standard certification of the Ministry of Public Security, CE certification, and FCC certification. The manufacturer has direct supply sources, and can also provide OEM/ODM. The product quality is guaranteed, and after-sales service is provided. Secondary Develop services to make attendance products and services better and more convenient.

Face recognition attendance machine quotation to JAEMONT high quality and low price

JAEMONT face recognition attendance machine not only supports face recognition punch-in, but also inductive card punch-in, mobile phone WIFI punch-in, GPS positioning punch-in and other methods, which enrich punch-in and make staff punch-in more convenient and free. Equipped with high-definition TFT display color screen (5 inches, 7 inches) and real voice prompts, the interface is simple, generous and clear, and the customer's use is more friendly and comfortable.

Face recognition is a common method of attendance at present. JAEMONT face recognition attendance machine adopts excellent face algorithm and high-quality infrared color dual cameras, which greatly improves the efficiency of punching, realizes punching in seconds, and bids farewell to the days of waiting in long queues for punching. Make punching more enjoyable.

The equipment supports two kinds of brackets: backplane and column. The backplane bracket is used for installation and can be hung on the door and wall. The column bracket is used to install on the gate. The column bracket is designed to be hollow, and the tail cable directly passes through the bracket. Internally, the baseplate bracket includes two types of rear wiring and bottom wiring to meet different customer installation needs.

In addition to high-quality hardware configuration, JAEMONT face recognition attendance machine also has a powerful cloud attendance platform and local server deployment. It can realize powerful functions such as mobile punch-in, flexible shift scheduling, automatic statistics, and off-site overall management. It is widely used in the attendance management of well-known chain brands such as Wallace, Carrefour, Qiandama Chain Fresh, and China Resources Vanguard Supermarket. It is a chain enterprise. The optimal product to realize smart attendance management.

If you want to know the quotation of face recognition Time attendance machine, please call for consultation: +86 13421800637 (you can also add WeChat for free consultation!) If you have any product procurement and program development intentions, you are welcome to call or visit the company!


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