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Face recognition temperature measurement and health code platform to easily manage face verification

Release Time: 2021-12-14

The JAEMONT Face recognition temperature measurement health code management system adopts the "face verification + Health code verification + body temperature detection + attendance check-in" mode. Personnel can perform AI face recognition on the AI face temperature measurement and attendance recognition integrated machine, and perform body temperature detection, health code checking and attendance check-in functions at the same time. The temperature value, health code status, and identity verification of the passing personnel can be displayed on the integrated machine. Consistent exceeding the set threshold can be linked to local sound and light alarms in the personnel channel. At the same time, temperature measurement data, yellow code green code red code status, nucleic acid detection result information and personnel information can be bound and uploaded to the management platform, which can be viewed in real time in the management background At present, real-time monitoring and real-time alarms are achieved through personnel heat maps.

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For strangers, body temperature results can also be displayed after the identity verification fails, the passage does not open, and the barrier does not open. By adjusting and upgrading the AI face recognition algorithm, the AI face recognition algorithm in the mask-wearing scene is activated to achieve real-time accurate detection and recognition of the face wearing a mask, and it can be found that people who are not wearing a mask will not be allowed to pass, and they can be worn at the same time. Business requirements such as identity verification, body temperature detection, face attendance, and gate access in the mask scene.

Combined with the current epidemic prevention needs, when the AI face recognition device turns on the mask detection function, it will give priority to detecting whether the person is wearing a mask. For those who do not wear a mask, the system will prompt them to wear a mask through voice and screen. AI face recognition and body temperature detection can be performed after wearing the mask. High temperature can trigger an alarm. Only those with normal body temperature can open the gate/open the door and release. This action can simultaneously remind security personnel, achieve active epidemic prevention control, realize 7×24h real-time supervision, and effectively guarantee and improve the safety of public places.

In addition, the data of the JAEMONT health code face recognition and temperature measurement management system can be uploaded to the Internet and connected with the public security and comprehensive management big data platform to achieve cross-departmental joint prevention and control of the epidemic on the basis of grid management.

This intelligent system can realize the functions of tracing historical data, data analysis, etc., conduct trajectory analysis and intelligent early warning analysis of personnel, and push alarm signals to mobile phones to provide video data support for relevant departments to trace suspected patients and close contacts of confirmed cases , So that undiagnosed close contacts can be isolated in time to provide a strong guarantee for reducing the spread of the virus and curbing the spread of the epidemic.


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