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Four Benefits of An Face Recognition Access Control System

Release Time: 2021-09-07

Four Benefits of An <a href= target='_blank'><a href= target='_blank'>face recognition access control</a></a> System

1. You can easily keep track of employee movement

With access control systems, all movement is logged by the computers. You can tell who accesses what door at what time. This allows you to see who is coming in late every day or what employees were in an area where an incident or theft occurred.

2. You can better secure sensitive areas of the facility

With access control systems, you can control which employees have access to which area. The cards or FOBs that they carry are programmed with their access. This is much more secure than a ring of keys as they are easily lost and can be duplicated.

3. You can increase employee safety

The great thing about access control systems is that they allow you to improve employee safety. People will not be able to access the building unless they have a swipe card. That means outsiders with bad intentions cannot simply stroll into the building. They are also real-time so you can immediately revoke access from a fired employee so they will not be able to get back into the building to cause harm or damage.

4. You can improve how easily employees move around the facility

With many secure areas and buildings at your campus, access control systems make it much easier for your employees to move about with ease. They won’t waste time trying to find the right key for the right door. This makes them more efficient.


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