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JAEMONT handheld health code verification terminal at border checkpoints at expressway intersections

Release Time: 2022-03-09

In the past few days, at the epidemic prevention and control point at the Daxin entrance and exit of Hena Expressway in Daxin County, the guards have scanned the codes and registered the passing vehicles and people one by one. With a swipe, the health code of the past person is displayed on the screen, realizing precise prevention and control, ensuring that no one is missed, and ensuring the health and safety of the public.

JAEMONT handheld <a href= target='_blank'>Health code verification</a> terminal at border checkpoints at expressway intersections

This mobile health and epidemic prevention verification system is mainly used to check the health code of people passing by at the epidemic prevention card points such as highway intersections, especially for groups who cannot show electronic health codes, such as those who do not have smartphones or who cannot use smartphones. For groups of people, real-time health and epidemic prevention status verification is carried out by directly presenting their resident ID cards, which is used to replace the electronic health code and has the same effect as the electronic code.

At the same time, this health code handheld device has functions such as identity verification, name recognition, health code recognition, location positioning, data upload, and data export. It can use the collected data for big data analysis, push relevant departments, and quickly grasp each grid area. It has the characteristics and advantages of accuracy, timeliness, authenticity, convenience and high efficiency.

At present, Daxin County has been equipped with a number of handheld health code verification terminals, which have been put into use in key places such as Daxin County People's Hospital, Chinese Medicine Hospital, highway entrances and exits, and border checkpoints.


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