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Handheld health QR code verification terminal green pass scanner

Release Time: 2022-01-06

Recently, the new crown epidemic has repeatedly appeared throughout the country, and the situation of epidemic prevention and control is severe. The epidemic prevention and control work is facing many new challenges and risks.

From time to time, people with red codes evaded verification by using past green code screenshots. An old Nanjing lady’s health code has turned yellow, but she successfully traveled with the “borrowed” green code, which triggered a series of epidemics. Proliferation; in the final analysis, Health code verification needs to be more real-time and accurate. Based on the market demand for mobile health code verification, Jieyi Technology recently launched a new device-a handheld health code verification terminal. This health code handset mainly has functions such as identity verification, name recognition, health code recognition, location positioning, data upload, and data export. The product has a comfortable grip, strong performance, and lasting power, which can help prevent and control personnel to improve faster and better. Work efficiency and reduce contact infection. The product can be widely used in the health code identity check of the basic-level epidemic prevention checkpoint scenes such as highway intersections, hospitals, subways, stations, communities, and venues.

Handheld health QR code verification terminal green pass scann.png

Product features of handheld health code verification equipment

Movable: Hand-held design, portable and mobile use

Intelligent epidemic prevention: It can be connected to health codes from all over the country, support real-time data upload management platform, and intelligently prevent and control epidemics

Identity recognition: support identity verification

Wireless networking: support WIFI networking, mobile 4G network and other networking functions

Super battery life: 5000mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery

Waterproof and dustproof industrial grade: IP67 suitable for various outdoor complex environments

Voice broadcast: support the function of simulated real-person voice broadcast


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