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Face recognition health code scanning equipment helps efficient epidemic prevention and control

Release Time: 2021-12-28

Big data technology can dig out the information and knowledge hidden in massive data to provide a basis for human social and economic activities, thereby improving the operating efficiency of various fields, and greatly increasing the degree of intensification of the entire social economy. In my country, big data will be applied to the following three major areas: business intelligence, government decision-making, and public services, such as business intelligence technology, government decision-making technology, telecommunication data information processing and mining technology, power grid data information processing and mining technology, meteorology Information analysis technology, environmental monitoring technology, police cloud application system (road monitoring, video monitoring, network monitoring, intelligent transportation, anti-telecom fraud, command and dispatch and other public security information systems), large-scale gene sequence analysis and comparison technology, Web information mining Technology, multimedia data parallel processing technology, film and television production rendering technology, cloud computing and mass data processing application technology in various other industries. During this new crown epidemic, big data research and judgment is the most important.

Face recognition health code scanning equipment helps efficient epidemic prevention and control

The JAEMONT non-contact infrared thermal imaging temperature testing code all-in-one solution uses big data applications such as travel trajectory, ID card, GPS, etc., and obtains the health code bright code (red code, yellow code, Green code), which has effectively played an important technical support role in the prevention and control of epidemics in many stations and hospitals across the country.

Non-contact infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement equipment code verification integrated machine integrates infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement, real-time health code retrieval through big data, face recognition and ID card reading technology. After the temperature test code integrated machine obtains the identity information of the tested person through face recognition or ID card reading technology, it will immediately use the identity information to remotely call the "health code" database interface, and return the "health code" information from the interface The corresponding identity information is displayed on the screen in real time, and the entire retrieval process can be completed in a few seconds.


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