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Jaemont health code verification terminal was put into use in Shenzhen maternal and child health hospital

Release Time: 2021-12-11

Yuekang code intelligent verification terminal has been launched in Shenzhen maternal and child health hospital recently, which can verify health information such as health code, nucleic acid detection and body temperature.

Jaemont <a href= target='_blank'>Health code verification</a> terminal was put into use in Shenzhen maternal and child health hospital

At present, the health code verification terminal is interconnected with big data such as health code and nucleic acid detection. It can realize the second level verification of health information through face recognition, brushing health code, ID card and social security card, and effectively solve the problems of low efficiency of manual inspection of health code in the past, inconvenient use of smart phones by some special groups and fraudulent use of other people's health code.

This time, Shenzhen maternal and child health care hospital has put into use the desktop Face recognition temperature measurement yuekang code verification all-in-one machine of Jieyi technology, which supports rapid deployment + screen, and can view the health code status, nucleic acid 48 hour detection results, Xinguan vaccine injection and other prevention and control related information in real time. Shenzhen maternal and child health hospital pays attention to the needs of special groups of pregnant women and supports pregnant women and their families to verify health code information with ID cards, which greatly facilitates the travel of pregnant women and makes epidemic prevention and control more humane.


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