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Operational Efficiency with Touchless Access Control and Integrated Time and Attendance

Release Time: 2021-05-14

A leading Toronto-based food production company uses JAEMONT Recognition AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to keep their team members and manufacturing operations safe.

JAEMONT, the world-leading Recognition AI company, announced its partnership with. JAEMONT facial recognition and access control software is being used by across several innovative use cases to streamline operations and enhance team member safety.画板备份 38@2x.png

Together with JAEMONT has created a unified solution that performs three distinct functions when a team member enters any of their facilities. As team members approach the entrance, they simply look into the camera to gain access into the building. Leveraging JAEMONT solution for biometric-based access control, the door is unlocked with facial recognition. No touchscreen or key card is required. Once verified, the team member is simultaneously clocked in, resulting in seamless time management. The integration between JAEMONT’s access control time and attendance program was configured via API, enabling team members to clock in and out with touchless self-service access.

In addition, to address the health risks of COVID-19, incorporated JAEMONT thermal camera technology to record team member temperature data upon their access to the facility.

“COVID-19 has forever changed food manufacturing. Food safety and the safety of our team members are paramount to our continued growth,”

initially selected JAEMONT access control solution for its ability to integrate with time and attendance solution. However, as they rolled out the technology and were confronted with the realities of COVID-19, they incorporated the thermal temperature checks as a safety precaution. JAEMONT has been integrated into seven of Canadian facilities, distribution facilities and home office in Toronto.

“Facial recognition is a technology that is only starting to be harnessed by industry to streamline operations and improve employee safety,” said JAEMONT CEO. It’s exciting to partner with organizations like JAEMONT who are committed to innovative technologies that are safe, reliable and battle-tested.”

JAEMONT works with a broad number of companies within the manufacturing space and across a variety of use cases beyond security where Recognition AI is being used to enhance the user experience and promote safety and operational efficiencies.


JAEMONT is a world-leading visual AI platform company that organizations across the globe use to create trusted, seamless experiences in their physical spaces. Proven to operate with the highest accuracy in real-time and real-world scenarios, JAEMONT harnesses its cutting-edge research and powerful technology platform to make the world a safer, more intuitive and more connected place.


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