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JAEMONT passed the third-level safety certification of the Ministry of Public Security

Release Time: 2021-11-23

As an AIOT service provider focusing on the application of face recognition, Jieyi Technology has always regarded data security and privacy protection as its foundation. Recently, Jieyi Technology passed the three-level certification of "National Information System Security Level Protection".


It means that in terms of information security protection, JAEMONT has once again stepped to the forefront of the industry, and has built an indispensable protective wall for users' information security.

The highest level of strength certification

The third-level guarantee is called the third-level national information security level protection certification, which is the most authoritative information product security level qualification certification in China. The information system security level protection status of each organization shall be recognized and evaluated. This time, Jieyi Technology obtained the "Level 3 of the Information System Security Level Protection Recording Certificate" issued by the public security department.

How strict is the "Waibao Level 3" certification?

"Equivalent guarantee level three" is not only an important indicator for the information security of the evaluation platform website, but also an important signal for the market inspection platform's filing status, and the requirements are very strict. According to the "Basic Requirements for Information System Security Level Protection", the "Equivalent Guarantee Level 3" evaluation is supervised and inspected by the national information security supervision department. The certification evaluation content covers 5 level protection safety technical requirements and 5 safety management requirements, including information Nearly 300 requirements such as protection, security auditing, and communication confidentiality involve a total of 73 categories of test scores. This has extremely high requirements on the company's technology and equipment investment, platform operation system, technical manpower and other aspects. Passing the "three-level guarantee" certification shows that the company's information security management capabilities have reached the highest domestic standards.

New test road

JAEMONT always guards user information security

From the face recognition access control machine to the Face recognition thermometer, and then to the Face recognition temperature measurement Health code verification machine, Jieyi Technology has been rushing to take the test all the way, and has been making products based on market demand, and has been using information security precautions that exceed industry standards. It requires itself to strictly abide by the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, continuously improve the ability of face recognition applications, and provide customers with stable and safe services.

AI recognition has a long way to go. In the new rush to test the road, JAEMONT will more actively participate in various tasks related to artificial intelligence governance, and help the active and healthy development of the AI industry.



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