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Temperature Measurement Plus Health Code, Effective Post-pandemic Protection Solution

Release Time: 2021-02-06

As there is still a long way to popularize vaccine, public pandemic protection and control remains a long-term task for worldwide governments. Currently, the economy needs to recover, work should be resumed and people are long for going back to normal life. Within the backdrop, what is the effective post-pandemic protection solution?

Temperature Measurement Plus Health Code, Effective Post-pandemic Protection Solution

Compared with the measures taken at the earlier pandemic stage, post-pandemic will more emphasize personal health status verification at public places because people will no longer be limited to the stay-at-home order. People will gradually resume their normal lifestyle and go out to study, work and play.

Inspired by the need of checking personal health status and guarantee healthy and a safe environment in public places, Jieyi Technology recently launched a post-pandemic protection solution. That contains contactless temperature measurement, face recognition, health code recognition, data upload, and input.

Taking the office as an example, Jieyi Technology temperature measurement terminal D721 allows face recognition, health code recognition, contactless temperature measurement, human comparison verification, real-time data upload, and so on functions.

When personal enter the office, they can self-detect their forehead temperature by simply standing in front of the temperature measurement terminal. The device will synchronically present individual temperature at the screen with a voice broadcast. At the same time, people can choose to swipe staff cards, scan the face or QR code to confirm their identification.

And then, personal temperature data will be tie to his identity information and upload to the platform in real-time. Only the person with a normal temperature can successfully activate the access control system, open the gate, and able to enter the area. People can obtain his exclusive health code generated by the platform, and need not repeatedly measure his temperature at the same place.

Nowadays, Jieyi Technology post-pandemic protection solution has widely used at offices, schools, communities, hospitals, etc, which proved to be an effective method to save visitor registration time, reduce the workload of staff identity verification and temperature measurement, and further reduces the risk of cross-infection.

Importantly, real-time automatic upload and input of the identity information of incoming and outgoing personnel, the trace of personnel's behavior is traceable, which is convenient for big data analysis in a bid to stop further spread of the disease at the post-pandemic stage.


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