Residential communities install face recognition thermometers

Release Time: 2021-01-15

Resident communities install face recognition temperature measuring devices to strengthen epidemic prevention and control

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With the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic into a normalized stage, the residents of the community as an important part of the prevention and control system, naturally facing relatively large pressure, and temperature measurement as the basic means of prevention and control of the epidemic, also increased the difficulty of community management work, at this time for the installation and application of Face recognition thermometer, it becomes a convenient way to simplify the prevention and control workflow and ease the pressure of work, after all, in the access control system installation, access personnel in the face verification at the same time also completed the temperature measurement, so it is logical that it can become a popular management method of the residents of the community, the key is that the level of efficiency can be significantly improved.

For community management, the greater the flow of people in and out of the community, the work intensity and difficulty will increase accordingly, even in the absence of epidemic prevention and control pressure, it is also difficult to do everything, and now increase the questioning measurement, naturally can not ignore the role and value of face recognition thermometer, and from the actual effect, not only did not increase the workload and extend the management time, and compared to a single function of the access control products significantly enhance the efficiency of work, this alone is sufficient to show that the application of face recognition technology in access control products is still very necessary, but also to strengthen the epidemic prevention and control efforts ideal choice.

It can be seen that for different types of access control products or to reasonably distinguish, and on the basis of an in-depth understanding of the type of function, to make access control products that meet the application requirements and scene conditions, in fact, after the integration of the advantages of face recognition technology, access control management for a variety of environments are available to provide technical support and protection, on the basis of the access control management effectiveness achieved will often have the significant characteristics of half the effort.


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