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Vaccine passport QR code verification personnel information is required to enter and exit the airport

Release Time: 2021-04-19

As the departure and primary destination of cross-border travelers, ensuring the identity and health status of passengers is one of the essential measures to maintain a safe airport environment and cross-border travel. Against the backdrop, Union European, Singapore, Australia, Thailand and so on countries are considering set up digital vaccine passports.

Vaccine passport QR code verification personnel information is required to enter and exit the airport

It was reported that Qantas has already started its trial of digital vaccine passports to verify whether passengers have been vaccinated before they fly. The airline used the CommonPass digital health app on an international repatriation flight from Frankfurt that arrived in Darwin this month. Passengers are invited to use the app to prove they obtained a negative COVID-19 test result within 72 hours of their starting, which is the requirement of entry into Australia.

As getting an international flight back in the air and people back to work becomes a common aspiration across the globe, digital health pass will be a key part of that and vaccination might gradually be a mandatory requirement of overseas travel.

Inspired by the successful cases of health code solution in China, JAE Technology launched an airport digital vaccine passport verification device, which will offer passengers a secure way to verify Covid-19 test results, vaccinations, and health declarations.

Vaccine passport QR code verification personnel information is required to enter and exit the airport

How does it work?

Step one: Passengers open the phone and display the QR code (digital vaccine passport)

Step two: The digital vaccine passport verification device will automatic activate, scan and decoding the QR code

Step three: Real-time upload scanned information and compare it with vaccination information stored at the approved database

Step four: Display the verification result at the screen along with voice broadcast and different interface colors.

Most importantly, the digital vaccine passport verification device is in line with GDPR compliant framework, which can better protect individual information security. Focus on humanized convenient operation, it can provide passengers contactless credentials verification along with assured safe airport environment and health cross-border travel experience.


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