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The green pass verification system provides data support for epidemic management in various places

Release Time: 2022-01-17

Since October 16, 2021, Xi'an, Shaanxi reported that 2 tourists from Shanghai were positive for nucleic acid. Up to now, the current round of epidemics has involved 10 provinces including Shaanxi, Ningxia, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Hunan, Beijing, Guizhou, Hebei, Hubei, Qinghai. During the epidemic, the "health code" and the current body temperature are important "credentials" for the general public to travel healthily. In hospitals, schools, communities, stations, shopping malls and other places where people are relatively dense and mobile, the traditional manual inspection of health codes and measurement of human body temperature not only has the risk of infection, but also has a huge workload.

JAEMONT has optimized the problem of a large number of Health code verifications. Users can scan or swipe the health code access control terminals in different locations to realize health code verification, self-registration, automatic comparison, and non-contact temperature measurement, for epidemic management and scientific decision-making. support.图层 3.png

The local codes that JAEMONT GK728-CM Face recognition temperature measurement health code verification machine has been connected to are: Inner Mongolia code, Hebei health code, Yuekang code, Yukang code, Suishen code, Sukang code, Ankang code, Eight Min Code, National Health Code, Shandong Electronic Health Code, Sichuan Tianfu Code, Yunnan Health Code, Hubei Health Code, Hunan Health Code, Longjiang Code, Changtong Code, Gantong Code, Suikang Code, Auspicious Code, Zhejiang Code, More than 20 provincial health codes such as Guangxi Code can be used when plugged in and connected to the Internet, which is efficient and convenient!

In addition, JAEMONT health code self-checking system also supports customized development. In order to compare the historical travel of personnel and be able to adapt to more scenarios, the health code face recognition temperature measurement system not only supports swiping the face to recognize the health code, swiping the ID card to display the health code, swiping the social security card to read the health code, but also can read Radio frequency cards such as campus cards and community access cards; for the detection of body temperature, "contactless" temperature measurement is adopted, which not only ensures the rapidity and accuracy of the measurement, but also prevents cross-infection during the epidemic; in order to ensure that the terminal can be real-time Record, upload measurement, and compare data, and the Jieyi Technology Health Code Self-Verification System communicates with the big data centers in various provinces in real time to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the data.

In terms of product appearance, JAEMONT Health Code face recognition temperature measurement panel machine is made of aluminum alloy material, equipped with Huawei Hisilicon chip and stable and efficient linux embedded system. The super computing power greatly improves the user experience.

The working principle of the health code self-checking system

After the health code self-checking system is started and initialized, it detects whether there is someone in front of the terminal through the human infrared sensor module. When there is someone in front of the terminal, wake up the system to work, and remind the personnel to provide the health code or swipe the ID card, and match and compare the read health code or ID card information with the itinerary, health code and other historical records issued by the big data center. If there is no one in front of the terminal, it will return to continue the detection, and when it is detected that there is no one in front of the terminal for a long time, the system will be in a standby state. If the historical record of the measured person is normal, remind the person to face the temperature measurement module about 50-100cm to measure the temperature. If the historical record is abnormal (such as red code, abnormality in the itinerary), etc., the sound and light alarm will remind the staff to deal with it. After checking the history of the health code or campus card, whether it is normal or not, the body temperature should be measured at the current site. When the body temperature is normal, the barrier will be opened, and the temperature measurement site, time, personnel, body temperature and other information will be displayed and uploaded; if the body temperature is not If it is normal, the sound and light alarm will be issued. At the same time, the temperature measurement site and abnormal personnel information must be displayed and uploaded, and the decision-making agency will be reminded to quickly find close contacts based on the data records.

The health code self-verification system of JAEMONT can realize health code verification, self-registration, automatic comparison, automatic temperature measurement, and unattended epidemic prevention and rapid registration of intelligent access control terminal system, to avoid cross-infection to the greatest extent, and to scientifically manage the epidemic. Accurate decision-making provides data support.


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