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The installation of Face recognition thermometer in commercial establishments can reduce the difficulty of person management

Release Time: 2021-01-05

As the epidemic prevention becoming more and more normalized, the commercial establishments with large flowing inevitably suffer more pressure.

The installation of <a href= target='_blank'>Face recognition thermometer</a> in commercial establishments can reduce the difficulty of person management

No matter the crowds dredge management following epidemic prevention requirements, or temperature measurement under certain situation, it is necessary to relay on high-tech products with powerful functions. From this perspective, it is necessary to construct a complete system based on infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement Camera.

Whether the Access Control management to staffs or to the consumers, the system is of great value. We firmly believe that the public can feel the powerful function advantages on automatic management after the system being installed and starting operating in most of commercial establishments.

In face of the complicated industrial situation, the commercial establishments managers should fully consider the affect of epidemic prevention policies to the operation. In order to minimize the bad effect on  disadvantages, it is particularly necessary to maintain the temperature monitoring of consumers. Therefore, the installation and operation of infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement cameras in commercial establishments become basic premise for us to win achievements on epidemic prevention and control. We believe it's of great value to satisfy the commercial establishments' requirements on the enthusiasm of consumption and on-site person management, and the management effects based is obvious and will be widely recognized.

In general, the temperature measurement products are widely used in society today. Although the usage scenarios are different, without powerful functions, it is impossible to complete such achievements in the process.

Actually, the application of face recognition technology is very necessary in the temperature measurement products, after adding the temperature measurement function, it plays a positive role in optimizing epidemic prevention measures and improving epidemic prevention effects.


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