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The health code verification system is connected to the enterprise management system

Release Time: 2021-12-16

The JAEMONT health code temperature measurement verification system consists of a front-end human body detection system and a back-end control management system. The front-end human body detection system is composed of human body detection equipment, health code QR Code Reader, and ID card reader, namely binocular live body detection camera + Health code verification + human certificate comparison; the back-end control management system mainly includes identification records and equipment manage.

The JAEMONT health code face recognition and temperature measurement all-in-one machine uses binocular cameras to recognize face and body temperature respectively.

JAEMONT Face recognition temperature measurement health code panel machine performs facial recognition, personal identification comparison, health code verification, and temperature detection on entering personnel. The temperature is normal, the green code and the facial recognition are correct, the gates are turned on, and the pedestrians pass; if there is an abnormal temperature, or the person ID is inconsistent, or the yellow code or red code is found, the sound and light alarm will be triggered (external sound and light alarm equipment) to remind on-site staff Further disposal.

The testing process of the health code temperature measurement verification system is as follows

The health code verification system is connected to the enterprise management system

First, collect the person’s identity and face information in advance, and record the person’s information and face photos into the database in advance through both online and offline methods; secondly, when the person passes through the measurement range directly in front of the device, binocular cameras (support wearing masks) In the case of brushing face temperature measurement) automatic face recognition, and at the same time a non-contact automatic temperature measurement. The health code recognition device automatically measures the temperature of the face and forehead, eliminates the factors that interfere with the temperature measurement of the human body, and superimposes the temperature on the real-color face image in real time, so that the face and temperature are instantly visible, and the body temperature is determined by setting a threshold. If the threshold is exceeded, an alert will be issued. When the status of face recognition, body temperature measurement, and health code are all passed, the detection equipment will link the entrance and exit gates or access control, and the face reading record and the current body temperature value can be stored, read, and printed, which is convenient for personnel management and control during the epidemic, and realizes “face cleaning”. A series of access authority management such as "gate opening" and "swipe face to open the door".

In addition, JAEMONT temperature measurement health code verification system can also wear masks for personnel entering and exiting.

In order to ensure the safety of personnel entering and exiting, the JAEMONT GK728-CM face recognition temperature measurement health code device supports docking with the original entry and exit management system of enterprises and institutions. The original entry and exit management system of enterprises and institutions provides personnel image information. The identification device verifies the identity of the entering personnel and records the time and location. At the same time, the health code verification terminal can also optimize the entry and exit security technical work of enterprises and institutions, and control the permissions of personnel entering and exiting places, allowing passage within the scope of permissions, and sounding an alarm if the verification fails.

Intelligent temperature measurement and epidemic prevention

Major stations, hospitals, various exhibitions, and various tourist attractions are important locations for epidemic prevention. During the epidemic, to ensure the safety of entering personnel, the remote non-contact temperature measurement method is used to detect the temperature of the entering personnel, and the face recognition system Perform health code verification and check-in records for participants. The JAEMONT intelligent temperature measurement health code verification epidemic system effectively solves the disadvantages of traditional body temperature detection such as high labor cost, low measurement efficiency, slow early warning response, and difficulty in global control, making the temperature detection work more comprehensive and scientific.


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