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Thermal Imaging CCTV Camera It is the best choice for epidemic prevention and temperature measurement products

Release Time: 2021-01-08

The domestic epidemic has been effectively controlled, but there are still small-scale outbreaks in some areas. Not only have the epidemics not been effectively controlled in many areas abroad, on the contrary, the situation is getting more and more severe, and the number of infections is increasing. To fight the epidemic prevention and control war for a long time, temperature measurement is still the first line of defense for epidemic prevention and control.


Since the launch of Shenzhen Jieyi Technology C195 non-contact infrared thermal imaging thermometer, because it is more cost-effective than large-scale infrared temperature measurement systems, it has a wider measurement and control range than face recognition systems, non-inductive and non-stop temperature measurement, and is better than ordinary forehead gun Wenzhun, the advantage of one-to-one temperature measurement without the need for a dedicated person, is favored by users all over the world. Many customers have replaced their original facial recognition systems or forehead thermometers with Shenzhen Jieyi Technology C195 non-contact infrared thermal imaging thermometers. They agreed that the Shenzhen Jieyi Technology C195 non-contact infrared thermal imaging thermometer has no burden, no sense of ceremony, and statistics. It is the best choice for normal epidemic prevention and replacement of existing temperature measurement products.

At present, all densely populated areas such as railway stations, hospitals, schools, governments, enterprises, commercial bodies, stores, campuses, factories, construction sites have been installed and debugged. After Shenzhen Jieyi Technology C195 non-contact infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement equipment is put into use , Can achieve effective control and epidemic prevention in public places. Shenzhen Jieyi Technology C195 non-contact infrared thermal imaging thermometer does not require staff to check customs clearance personnel at close range. Long-distance temperature measurement not only respects each other’s privacy, but also reduces the risk of cross-infection caused by close contact and gathering of people; Shenzhen Jieyi Technology's integrated intelligent temperature measurement platform system realizes unmanned operation and increases safety. It can be stored in real time or alarm in time, and can meet the needs of post-mortem verification.


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