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What is the portrait processing flow of face recognition?

Release Time: 2021-02-07

In the era of big data, the development of artificial intelligence is changing our lives and making our lives more convenient. For example, face recognition technology has gradually penetrated into our lives in areas such as pit station, face payment, face recognition attendance, college learning and other fields. Face recognition companies provide us with a more convenient lifestyle. Then face recognition technology What is the portrait processing flow for? Next, Jieyi Technology will introduce it.

What is the portrait processing flow of face recognition?

The processing flow of face recognition is mainly composed of four components, namely: collecting and detecting face images, preprocessing face images, extracting facial feature images, matching and identifying face avatars.

1. Collect and detect face images

No matter what kind of face image can be collected through the camera, for example, extracting the avatar, dynamic avatar, different expressions, different positions in the photo can be well collected. When the collected person is within the range of the device's automatic search, the device can automatically search and complete the face shooting. Face detection is mainly used as the preprocessing of face recognition in actual operation, that is, accurately calibrating the position and size of the face in the image. The face image contains very rich pattern features, such as color features, template features, histogram features, structural features, and Haar features. Face detection actually marks this information and uses these features to complete face detection.

2. Preprocess the face image

Face image preprocessing processes the image according to the results of face detection. The original image obtained by the system is restricted and interfered by various conditions, and usually cannot be used directly. Correction and audio filtering must be done in the early stage of image processing. In the process of image processing, some light compensation, normalization, filtering and sharpening are usually done.

3. Extract facial feature images

The features that can be used by the face recognition system in the recognition process are usually visual features, face image transformation coefficient features, face image algebra features, pixel statistics features, etc. In the process of extracting facial features, it mainly extracts certain features of the human face, which is the modeling of the human face.

4. Match and recognize face avatars

In the process of extracting face and avatar data, it searches and matches the features stored in the database, and judges the identity information of the recognized person based on the similarity. This process can be divided into two categories: one is confirmation and the other is identification. Confirmation is a one-to-one comparison of images, and recognition is a one-to-many search and comparison of avatars.

The face recognition process is roughly the four technical processes. After completing these four processes, the face can be accurately recognized. This is basically the mystery of the face recognition technology.


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