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Body temperature detection system helps prevent the epidemic

Release Time: 2021-01-11

During the epidemic, Jieyi Technology's self-developed dual-spectrum intelligent body temperature detection system in public places realized non-contact body temperature measurement in public places and real-time warning of abnormal conditions, and real-time control of the body temperature data of people in public places through the platform, which comprehensively improved the prevention of epidemics in public places Management level.

Body temperature detection system helps prevent the epidemic

Jieyi Technology uses a high-precision digital medical infrared thermal imaging camera with a high-definition visible light camera to perform front-end preprocessing of the captured real-time video images. After the video images are registered, the dual-spectrum fusion technology is used to achieve the fusion of heterogeneous images Using infrared thermal imaging and visible light imaging to obtain image information, based on deep learning image analysis technology, a high-precision real-time human Body Temperature Measurement System with neural network algorithms as the core is established to complete thermal imaging body temperature Screening and personal identification.

For people whose body temperature exceeds the normal body temperature, the arm is imaged at a close distance with a thermal imager, and the body temperature is rechecked to obtain accurate body temperature information. If the abnormal body temperature is true, it will intelligently capture the facial information, issue an early warning and notify the person in charge of the nearest area, and send specific information to the person in charge's mobile app for timely processing.

At the same time, combined with the big data integration platform, the large screen displays the body temperature information in real time, and the big data can be traced back to assist the public security organs in the investigation of suspected cases. Jieyi Technology's "Big Data + AI" Epidemic Accurate Monitoring and Analysis System uses a big data platform with strong computing power and convenient visualization functions to conduct spatiotemporal analysis of the epidemic, combined with dual-spectral temperature measurement technology and face recognition technology, which greatly improves AI measurement in public places Temperature monitoring level.


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