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JAEMONT face recognition thermometer helps prevent and control the outbreak of epidemics

Release Time: 2021-03-09

Currently, coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) has become a public health emergency (PHEIC) of international concern, and cases of infection have been confirmed one after another in China, Japan, South Korea and France.

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Since abnormal body temperature is the main symptom of the epidemic in the early stages of its outbreak, accurate temperature measurements and alarms must be taken in public places to prevent cross-infection between people. With mature technology, JAEMONT combines face recognition with infrared thermal images for short-range, non-contact face recognition and temperature measurements. Non-contact tests greatly reduce the probability of contact infections and can detect temperature abnormalities early.

Advanced technology: Accurate and efficient method

The Telpo Face recognition thermometer uses multi-AI technology of non-contact temperature measurement + mask (shield) detection + face recognition to quickly identify and mark people with high fever and position specific people. -Realizes identification and automatic alert functions. Body temperature can be measured quickly with an accuracy of ± 0.3 ° C in the range of 0.7-1m. If your body temperature becomes abnormal or you are not wearing a mask, you can detect it within 1 second, and the thermometer will automatically indicate it and enter the alert mode.

Based on accurate thermal imaging temperature measurements, the JAEMONT face recognition thermometer can detect the temperature on the forehead and quickly identify information about the person wearing the mask. The display screen reflects the temperature in real time, allowing you to check your status and temperature at the same time. This solves two important issues: accurate temperature monitoring and identification of the person wearing the mask.

Contactless temperature detection: Intelligent security management method

Based on the AI algorithm platform, deep learning framework and algorithm model updates, the JAEMONT face recognition thermometer can efficiently capture human body temperature and face shielding information. This realizes a partially shielded face recognition effect. Uncertified persons or persons who do not meet the temperature conditions cannot pass.

The JAEMONT face recognition thermometer can analyze facial features with a coding system for facial features. Even if a person wears a mask, an identification rate of 99% or more can be obtained, traffic efficiency is improved, contact time with the human body is shortened, and security is improved.

The JAEMONT facial recognition thermometer replaces artificial temperature measurement and personnel information display, providing 24x7 monitoring, smart personnel management, information judgment, data uploading and more. .. This technology not only reduces the risk of cross-infection, but can also increase traffic efficiency by more than 10 times. This can save time and reduce congestion. Applies to densely populated public places such as customs, government, airports, train stations, businesses, communities and schools.


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