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Trust the quality of face recognition thermometers to easily improve body temperature accuracy

Release Time: 2021-01-19

Under the current situation of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, body temperature measurement has become an indispensable personnel management measure in public places. However, conventional measurement methods cannot meet the work requirements. At this time, for access control using advanced Face recognition temperature measurement technology For products, it should increase application efforts to improve the efficiency of temperature measurement. In fact, after continuous performance improvements, today’s Face recognition thermometers have been able to demonstrate practical value in various application scenarios, whether it is for access control management. The accuracy of sex and temperature testing is trustworthy, so it is not surprising that it is an ideal choice for access control management in various industries.

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Access control management has always existed in residential communities and public places, but conventional access control products do not have the function of temperature measurement, which is undoubtedly extremely detrimental to the current epidemic prevention and control. Therefore, it is necessary to broaden the selection of access control products. Make full use of the functional advantages of the face recognition thermometer to ensure that the accuracy of body temperature monitoring can be improved on the basis of meeting the needs of the access control system. I believe this is extremely practical for most companies and residential communities. The key to value is that accurate body temperature measurement has played a role in relieving work pressure in epidemic prevention and control.

All in all, the selection of access control products still needs to pay attention to methods and methods. The application scenarios matched by different functional types are naturally very different. Under such an objective background, maintain continuous attention to face recognition technology, under the same conditions It can more obviously improve the efficiency of access control management, and after the thermometer is integrated into the face recognition technology, the effect of ensuring the efficiency and accuracy of temperature measurement cannot be underestimated, so increasing the application strength has become the mainstream trend.


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