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Face recognition access control system applied in communities

Release Time: 2020-12-22

The face recognition access control system of Shenzhen Jieyi Technology Community can better manage and control the personnel moving & inners flowing, and play a huge role in case investigation and incident research and judgment.

Shenzhen Jieyi has great advantage on community <a href= target='_blank'>face recognition access control system</a> design & function realization

We all know that the accuracy of face recognition is greatly affected by the front-end equipment installation location, on-site lighting (e.g. too darkness, too bright) and other factors. To ensure the effect of the face capturing, the install environment and location of the unit is very strict required required .

In this regard, Shenzhen Jieyi Technology Co., Ltd. has rich experiences. The community face recognition access control system from Shenzhen Jieyi Technology can scientifically calculated the monitoring width, monitoring distance, lens focal length, and erection height according to local conditions. Therefore, the system from Shenzhen Jieyi technology Co.,LTD. is more accurate than others.

The community Face Recognition Access Control System from Shenzhen Jieyi technology Co.,LTD. can collect real-time video, and meet the control-centre requirements for real-time previewing and playback, the front-end face capturing unit has the function of face collecting and transmitting real-time video under different resolutions day and night.

The smart community face recognition access control system can realize comparison between the face capturing by the front-end unit with the preset photo gallery in real time. When the similarity reaches preset threshold, the system will alarm automatically.

Shenzhen Jieyi has great advantage on community face recognition access control system design & function realization

1. Community face recognition access control system can identify authentication

Input a face photo (captured by the front-end unit or a HD face image captured by the surveillance camera ) to the smart community management system of Shenzhen Jieyi Technology,  then can find out the most similar personnel from the photo gallery ( establish identity by importing inhabitant, temporary resident identity information) according to the algorithm of characteristics comparison , and rank from the high to low similarity, quickly assist polices to lock  the identity. At the same time, our system supports remotely retrieval by Android mobile phone and PDA, and support retrieval between on-site capturing with photo gallery to quickly confirm the identity.

2. Community face recognition access control system can compare identify

Shenzhen Jieyi smart Community face recognition System supports retrieving inhabitant, temporary resident, ID card library and so on. Through 1:N comparison, and find out the list of people who repeatedly apply for ID cards, household registration, temporary residence permits and etc. At the same time, the system can compare the photos of the suspect with escaped fugitives library, which can help polices quickly confirm the possibility of the suspect involved; or comparing the information with all the country escaped fugitives by a 1:N mode, which helps to provide related clues to the polices.


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