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Focus on the accuracy of body temperature highlights the rigor advantage of face recognition thermometer

Release Time: 2021-01-13

For group engaged in the work of disease prevention and control, temperature measurement of stress at work tend to be unbearable, especially the manual way of measuring temperature, greatly increased the intensity of labor, even so cannot guarantee the accuracy of the temperature data, but the installation application of Face recognition thermometer, both simplified temperature measurement of red tape, and to a large extent achieved on the temperature accuracy of attention, so as a dedicated instrument has the advantage of rigor reflected, believe that the current epidemic prevention and control work is very good, the key is in a public place and residents in the community a massive body temperature measurement.

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Considering the epidemic now has entered the stage of normalized, even the corporate insiders flow, also need to keep the attention to signs of data, and the temperature data to discover the COVID - 19 outbreak is crucial, therefore increase the intensity of the application of face recognition thermometer, not to the enterprise internal worker health, or for the entire epidemic prevention and control work is remarkable, since so naturally should broaden the range of application in various scenarios, at the same time of meet the demand of normal temperature, to ensure the credibility and accuracy of the temperature data are reasonable.

There is little doubt that now for COVID - 19 epidemic prevention and control measures and comparative advantage, and to promote the efficiency of temperature test, also made a prominent contribution to the comprehensive prevention and control of epidemic, from this perspective, the face is temperature measurement technology of mature application mode, are indispensable for a lot of work, so the relevant industry area, should continue to intensify the application of thermometer and access control products, should give full play to the advantages of facial recognition technology.


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