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C195 infrared Thermography system can be applied in places with high density people etc

Release Time: 2021-01-07

C195 infrared Thermography system can be applied in places with high density people , like Stations, Airports, Office buildings, Shopping malls and etc.

C195 infrared Thermography system can be applied in places with high density people etc

C195 infrared Thermography system features by touchless, high precision temperature sorting, abnormal temperature alarm. Thermography working distance is from 1-10m, which can quickly sort the abnormal temperature in a touchless way, and the accuracy can reach ±0.3℃, when someone's temperature exceed the setting threshold, or is suspected to have fever, the system would alarm to remind staffs to have further check, it changed the conventional closed and contact measurement way.

Shenzhen Jieyi technology Co., LTD. has launched low-cost infrared Thermography system C195, the whole system is composed by temperature measurement camera, Black box ( optional  Calibration equipment), Windows box, tripod, and display. It can be installed quickly under different circumstances, which is very convenient.

The temperature measurement width of C195 infrared Thermography system can reach 1.5m, and the system can simultaneously monitor up most to 30 moving persons within 3m. To those temperature measurement points, such as Hospitals, Campuses, Bus stations, Metro stations, Airports and etc, we just need to install this infrared Thermography system, and link to the on-site computer to manage, then can realize temperature measurement. When the system detected abnormal temperature, it would remind the staffs to have further check.

Our C195 infrared Thermography system takes a touchless, uninterrupted  temperature measurement method, people can realize measurement without stopping or standing. Meanwhile, the staffs keep certain distance with flows can effectively avoid cross infection, our system can be applied for those  high density people places like Stations, Airports, Office buildings, Shopping malls, Super markets and so on.


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