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Best choice for epidemic prevention

Release Time: 2020-11-27

Now, nucleic acid detection is becoming more and more popular because of the in-depth understanding of the new coronavirus, the detection speed and method are more and more accurate, and the epidemic prevention is gradually normalized. As everyone knows, the novel coronavirus pneumonia is infectious, its symptoms have a fever and cough, and precise detection can prevent and control the spread of the disease timely.


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1. Accurate screening and early warning of abnormal body temperature personnel


The prevention and control of the epidemic situation makes most of the public places and enterprise office building temperature detection, wearing masks, disinfection and other prevention and control measures began to tend to normal management. The non-contact, unattended, fast sensing Shenzhen Jieyi technology Face recognition temperature measurement is the first choice for these places.


Shenzhen Jieyi technology face recognition temperature measurement through the connection of temperature measurement equipment, face recognition technology is applied to temperature monitoring. The camera captures the face for temperature monitoring, and measures the body temperature of the in and out personnel. It also gives warning to those with abnormal body temperature and predicts the risk of epidemic situation in advance.


2. Statistics and record query of passing personnel


Shenzhen Jieyi technology face recognition temperature measurement bid farewell to contact temperature measurement. It can monitor body temperature in batches. Through face + thermal imaging, it can accurately identify and monitor body temperature, which plays a positive role in the prevention and control of epidemic situation.

The background of Shenzhen Jieyi science and technology system supports one key export, and the face recognition system automatically generates body temperature attendance records, data statistical analysis and reports, which can help track and record personnel information.


Shenzhen Jieyi technology face recognition temperature measurement application scheme has been implemented in campus, community office buildings, medical places, government affairs center, building property, transportation hub center, airport entry-exit and other intelligent epidemic prevention scenes in many cities nationwide, avoiding personnel contact, improving the level of epidemic prevention automation and information management, and maximizing the efficiency of epidemic prevention and control.



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