Temperature Screening Kiosk with Access Control & Face Recognition

Release Time: 2021-04-01

The temperature Screening Kiosk can recognize people’s faces, screen their temperature, and allow or deny entry access. For schools, factories, warehouses, office buildings, salons, restaurants, churches, etc. 

Temperature Screening Kiosk with Access Control & Face Recognition

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How does a Temperature Screening Kiosk work:

JAE's access control system can recognize people’s faces, screen their temperature, and based on preset rules allow or deny entry access, by activating automatic doors or turnstiles, among other peripherals. Alerts are displayed on the screen along with audible voice alarms, which can be customized.

It features a Belgian built Melexis sensor, a world leader in thermal components. The Temperature Screening Kiosk has two 2 megapixel lens cameras, which can distinguish between a real person and a picture to avoid photo spoofing. It can be used as a stand-alone device or can be connected to a PC for real-time remote video streaming, monitoring and operation.

Benefits of using a Temperature Control Kiosk:

1.   Our Temperature Control Kiosk can store an extensive database of 10,000 faces, 100,000 local capture and recognition records. People can be assigned to default groups of visitors, whitelists, and blacklists, or to costumed allocation groups.

2.   This panel includes a tubular bracket. A wall bracket, desk base or floor stand can be purchased separately.

3.   Other features include a 8-inch IPS screen ,IR Led+ White Led dual light design, and robust aluminum alloy body.

4.   This device is suitable for use in schools, factories, warehouses, access gates, office buildings, hair salons, restaurants, and more.

Features of Temperature Screening Kiosk

·         Face recognition with non-contact infrared screening

  • Real-time video stream support to a PC

  • Melexis Belgian sensing technology with      ±0.3 degrees accuracy (Tested within 30-45cm at trigger temperature of      37.3°C)

  • Two 2-megapixel cameras for face      detection

  • Customizable voice alarm

  • Database of 10,000 faces, 100,000 local      capture and recognition records using deep learning algorithm. Faces can      be imported as a single image, in a batch or real-time capture import.

  • Face detection technology based on      improved multi-tasking cascaded convolutional neural networks reduces the      requirements for image quality and greatly improves the speed of face      detection. This function is optional and is disabled by default, to use it      it's necessary to create a picture database.

  • Privacy mode feature which when enabled      no records, pictures or any identifying information is stored on the      device.

  • Face detection of living people to      prevent photo or video spoofing

  • Visitors, whitelists, blacklists, and      custom allocation groups

  • Turnstile Bracket included. Optional      Wall, Desk or Floor Stands. (not included)

  • Robust aluminum alloy body

  • Can be interconnected with a broad range      of peripherals such as power doors, turnstiles, 485, I/O input and output,      Wiegand, etc.

  • 8-inch IPS screen

  • IR Led+ White Led dual light design

  • Mask and helmet detection

  • Easy to install, stand alone or network      operation

  • Embedded Linux operating system, with      high reliability and stability compared to Android systems

  • Long distance range for face recognition      (0.5-1.3 meters/ 1.6-4.3 ft). 

  • Face template import method is flexible,      support single, batch image file import and real-time snapshot import.

In terms of prevention, the benefits of having a temperature screening kiosk (along other safety measures) include:


  • Helping to maintain a safer and more      secure work environment.

  • Providing peace of mind to      employees/visitors by reducing the risk of having potentially infected      people inside the facilities.

  • Avoid having a person dedicated to      manually screening the temperature of visitors and employees with a      contact less conventional thermometers.

  • Let the people who come into your      business/facilities know that you are doing everything that you can in      order to protect them.



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