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Precautions on choosing Face Recognition Access Control system

Release Time: 2020-10-20

The installation of construction site real-name system face recognition access control attendance system, mainly to play a standardized site management, worker management, maintenance of the legitimate rights and interests of openers and workers. Construction site installation site real-name system face recognition access control system not only can enhance the security of site access, but also can record the workers' access time, improve the workers' card attendance efficiency, to play an evidence-based utility. 

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On the market face recognition access control attendance system types are numerous, the quality also varies. In the face of the market many site real name system face recognition access control system products, how to choose a suitable product for the actual application of the site, for many project managers is a thorny issue.

Selecting and purchasing site real-name system face recognition access control attendance system matters - how to choose


Today, Jieyi Technology will give you an introduction to how to choose a construction site real name face recognition access control attendance system?


The construction site real-name system face recognition access control attendance system is mainly used in the construction enterprise and migrant workers first sign the labor contract and then enter the construction site, record the construction site operation migrant workers' identity information, labor attendance, wage settlement and other information, labor reward account, gradually realize the information site real-name system management.


Therefore, the construction site real-name system face recognition access control attendance system must have a series of application functions such as labor real-name authentication, brush face access control, brush face attendance, attendance data statistics, attendance report generation, site resident number statistics, abnormal personnel records, employee information query, attendance device management, site data disk, the Ministry of Housing and Construction data docking, certificate management, contract management, employee time to work.


In addition to ensuring that the construction site real-name face recognition access control system has the above functions, due to the relatively poor operating environment of the construction site, the face device needs to be permanently exposed to the scorching sun, rain, dust and other harsh weather, so we must pay attention to the selection of products with more durable materials and stronger anti-corrosion products when buying products. We also need to understand the pre-sales and after-sales service of the products, and choose the manufacturers with professional engineering team and perfect after-sales service, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles in the daily use of the products.


Shenzhen Jie Yi Technology face recognition access control features.

Senseless quick identification and counting of site personnel

Non-contact temperature measurement + abnormal body temperature warning + mask detection

Through the face binding ID card ID, realize real name management of labor service and intelligent statistics of labor service attendance.

High recognition rate for partial occlusion, false focus, glass, and glasses removal, so laborers do not need to take off their hats to enter the field.

Data transmission to the cloud platform, according to the type of work, intelligent generation of personnel management data reports, and support for export.


Shenzhen JieYi Technology is a leading integrated integrator of face recognition, temperature measurement, access control and Time attendance solutions and products, and can provide face recognition industry solutions hardware and software products and services to help project managers easily realize real name authentication, face attendance, personnel management and other business needs, and solve the traditional site management chaos for a long time.





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