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Our products facilitating epidemic prevention in Southeast Asia

Release Time: 2020-09-15

Help the recovery of the global economy, protect the health of those returning to work, and ensure the efficient operation of enterprises and social institutions. In the protracted battle against the new crown epidemic, artificial intelligence companies have become the backbone of contributing scientific and technological forces. With the spread of foreign epidemics, facial recognition temperature measurement products that were once common in China began to be exported overseas in large numbers to serve the international market.


Recently, major shopping malls along Singapore’s most prosperous Orchard Road, including Singapore Shopping Center and Orchard Central City, have begun to use the face recognition, temperature measurement and access control integrated machine developed by Shenzhen Jieyi Technology Co., Ltd.

Numerous functions such as 0.3-second non-inductive passage, non-contact precise temperature measurement, detection without masks, access control and attendance, make Shenzhen Jieyi Technology's smart temperature measurement and access control products become an artifact of "face-sweeping" during the epidemic in Singapore, ensuring efficient passage while being effective Avoid the risk of aggregation and greatly reduce the way the virus spreads.

In fact, Shenzhen Jieyi D722 Face recognition temperature measurement product has been widely used in retail and offline service stores in Singapore. One of Asia's largest fitness chain brands, True Fitness, praised the products and solutions provided by Jieyi Technology, which helped them save manpower for personnel temperature measurement.

In Singapore, Shenzhen Jieyi D722 intelligent face recognition temperature measurement access control has become a star product, maintaining a growth of more than 100 sets of orders per week, and now has served hundreds of companies in Southeast Asia.

In addition to offline retail and service industries, Jieyi Technology's epidemic prevention products are more deployed in office buildings, and more than 60% of customers are companies in office buildings. In the education field, many schools have purchased Shenzhen Jieyi Technology's temperature measurement products and solutions. Its intelligent temperature monitoring system monitors body temperature and attendance for more than 10,000 Singaporean students and faculty every day, while keeping records for preparation. Government department verification.

It is worth mentioning that the intelligent temperature monitoring system developed by Shenzhen Jieyi Technology has been certified by the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore (HSA), and has been approved by the Infocomm Media Development Agency (IMDA) of Singapore as an anti-epidemic solution for Singapore companies. Program". These AI facial recognition temperature measurement products will help various industries in Southeast Asia, including Singapore, unblock them safely, and promote economic recovery.


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