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Use technology to build security barriers at border checkpoints

Release Time: 2021-01-15

The Gongpoquan Border Checkpoint in Jiuquan, Gansu is one of the important border checkpoints along the Belt and Road in my country. With the in-depth development of the One Belt One Road, the number of people entering and exiting at the Gongpoquan border checkpoint, such as fugitives, drug users, and trade exchanges, has gradually increased, but the police force is still stretched!

Use technology to build security barriers at border checkpoints

Especially now that the new crown virus is still raging! If the challenges faced by the Gongpoquan border checkpoint are not effectively addressed, it will not only affect the normal passage of people entering and leaving the checkpoint, but also may bring life safety hazards to both parties.

Jieyi Technology actively participates in the construction of the “Science and Technology Strong Station” at the Gongpoquan Border Checkpoint, and uses a face recognition and temperature measurement integrated machine to crack the “one person with multiple identities”, “different persons with the same identity” and forgery in the business management of the Gongpoquan border checkpoint Create key and difficult issues such as identity and abnormal body temperature, improve the ability of inspection sites to accurately analyze, make scientific decisions, quickly solve, effectively prevent and control, and precision strikes, improve the level of information service for the society and the masses, and strengthen the border Security management at checkpoints.

1. Non-contact temperature measurement strengthens epidemic control

Jieyi Technology's face recognition and temperature measurement all-in-one machine adopts infrared non-contact body temperature detection, which can avoid contact between checkpoint personnel and personnel entering and exiting, and realize rapid temperature Screening. Intelligent voice reminders to wear masks reduce the risk of cross-infection.

2. Various face libraries to check blacklist

Jieyi Technology's temperature measurement all-in-one machine supports 50,000 face storage and 100,000 extraordinary records, which can be used for face control, linked to checkpoint staff to control the pass records of incoming and outgoing personnel, comparison records, employee list management, and criminals and suspicious personnel Set up blacklist management and build a security cordon with the people.

3. Fast pass through verification

Jieyi Technology's integrated temperature measurement machine is based on the collection of live facial images and the ID card reader to read ID card information, and quickly compares whether the holder’s facial features are consistent with the ID information, achieving the authority of "real name + real person + evidence" Authentication. The entire process of swiping face + swiping ID card is automated, greatly reducing the workload of public officials.

Jieyi Technology injects the power of face recognition technology into the border checkpoint in Gongpoquan, into the construction of the "Belt and Road" to fight the epidemic and promote economic recovery, making travel more convenient, making life better, and being the Silk Road of the Belt and Road Initiative Construction paves a road to an intelligent future.


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