Nanjing Jinlong Bus Factory

Installed Face recognition thermometer at Nanjing Jinlong Bus Factory

Installed face recognition thermometer at Nanjing Jinlong Bus Factory

Scenario display: The use of non-contact body temperature detection can realize multi-person rapid detection without feeling, single-person interactive precise monitoring, and rapid positioning of abnormal persons. The driver can take timely measures to reduce the risk of infection of other passengers. For abnormal personnel, accurately locate their trajectories, trace passengers who travel with them, and pay close attention to them in time to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

Installed face recognition thermometer at Nanjing Jinlong Bus Factory

Use effect: The bus is equipped with a face recognition and temperature measurement all-in-one device. After the fixed installation is completed, the passengers will recognize the face in turn and perform the temperature detection. After the recognition is successful, the personal temperature will be automatically recorded, and the human temperature measurement data will automatically pass through the network Upload to the epidemic health platform for storage, and relevant management departments can find people with hyperthermia the first time.

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